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Custom Tile Bathroom & Tile Showers

Here at RGS Pride, we are the experts!

Designing and installing for wet spaces requires expert knowledge and a detail-oriented approach, with our new system beneath your tile, there is 
no pile-up of water, which means a cleaner, fresher shower. Using the latest and best waterproofing products from Schluter we enjoy building hygienic tile showers, the days of the old moldy tile shower are gone!  You pick the colors, you pick the amenities,  RGS will turn your shower dream into your Oasis. At Tile Shower Pro , this is what we do and we love it!

Handicap Conversions

Custom Tile Installation

With our advanced mud working capabilities and the technological advances in waterproofing materials, removing that old curb has never been easier.

RGS Pride will assist you in making your bathroom more accessible for all your living and special needs that life may toss your way.
A quality tile installation starts with preparation and quality products, RGS only uses the best. Our quality products are installed in such a way to ensure the manufacturer's warranty of the products does not falter, as a courtesy to you! Tile must be supported properly by the flooring and underlayment beneath it or it will buckle, break, pop out, or otherwise fail within the first few years. This is what we do best! Larger format tiles require extensive preparation the substrate must be perfectly flat in order to achieve the proper results. From Glass Tile to Natural Stone Tile, we have the expertise to ensure they are done properly the first time. Truly, when it comes to tile, your choice of installers is just as important as your choice of materials.

Hardwood or Wood Flooring

The characteristics of hardwood are so appealing that man-made flooring attempts to duplicate the look, but nothing else quite matches its warmth and vibrancy. If you want to make an investment in flooring that is a structural part of your home – not just a floorcovering – choose hardwood.

Just like tile, a quality finish starts with a solid foundation and proper preparation. When we start our floor preparation, our goal is to make your hardwood floor to last! 

Plaster Restoration

Luxury Vinyl Plank

RGS Plaster restoration is not just a simple project, we take pride in ensuring this project is done the right way. See for yourself!

"Rhett is an ace plasterer, the only one I know who can completely replaster and restore the inside of an antique home AND make it look like a national preservation project. I know from his long-standing experience, that it is not simply a job to Rhett. Rather it is a challenge every time and a chance to excel and demonstrate his extensive tile and plastering skills." 
-Jerome K.
When most people think of vinyl flooring, they recall the low-grade, industrial-looking tiles or cheap kitchen floors of decades past that came in a limited range of styles, tore easily, and somehow magically bonded with dirt, holding onto it forever. That’s simply not the case anymore. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is very forgiving and easier to install than most flooring products. If you're on a budget and need new floors this may be the best option for you! We will install these floors at a competitive rate and would love to help you make your house look great. Give us a call and you will be blown away by what we can do.