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This is How it Should work..

A very short while back we received a call from a new relationship gained from a networking event. Because of this new relationship we had an opportunity.  It would involve removal of an existing glass block wall in a shower stall so that repairs could be made and the reinstallation of the glass block wall after the repair was complete.

We don’T do work on glass block walls but we have a large network of business partners that likely do the work or can make a referral.  My first call was to Steven Shelly with East Hill Building & Design.  He did not do that type of work but because of his network of business partners he recommended Rhett Smith and RGS Pride Tile LLC

Rhett and I connected and I told him that we would send his contact information to the person who contacted us.  They connected and in the words of the person who Rhett was working for, “Rhett has done a beautiful job…we’re very impressed with his work ethic and desire to make it perfect.  Thanks again for the reference. We’d recommend him anytime”.

Networking does not always have to be about business and what can be gained in the moment.   A relationship built on shared values pays off in many ways and sometimes a business can benefit from it.  In this situation shared values between two people allowed us to leverage our relationships within our network of business partners.  Our trust in Steven Shelly and East Hill Building & Design to make a solid recommendation was well founded.  RGS Pride Tile LLC has another satisfied customer and Merritt Glass Company has a new relationship with RGS and an even stronger one with East Hill Building & Design.

An email we received from the satisfied customer:

“..It might be worth mentioning that we tried two other tile workers who were extremely reluctant to work with the glass blocks. Couldn’t get them to give a firm quote or, eventually, even return calls. the recommendation to call Rhett Smith was welcome, especially when he returned calls promptly, gave a firm quote and showed up on time. He then proceeded to do the work with care and skill, resulting in a beautifully reconstructed glass block wall.  The previous two tile workers indicated that they would have to tear down the wall, purchase new blocks and construct the wall. Rhett was able to carefully take down the existing wall, salvage the blocks, then rebuilding it with the proper foundation and sealing.” -Ann Woll
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Subfloor: Tile must be installed over a subfloor that’s structurally sound, rigid, level, smooth, and clean.  Preparing the subfloor is the most critical step in achieving a good tile installation—and a professional installer will know to do it. Uncoupling membrane is a smart investment for your new tile Flooring .
For a lifetime warranty  we use Schluter Ditra

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